Art of Runescratch

About the Artist:

Hi! I tend to go by Rune/Ari to most, and Talon to close friends. I'm a freelance illustrator that specializes in painting characters and environments!Elves, Viera, and Draenei are my all time favorite fictional races. I absolutely love to paint them, or characters that resemble them! I also greatly adore my original characters, whom are the subjects for my personal works more often than not.I've been drawing since I was young, taken a year of college for Visual Development, but other than that I've been mostly self taught. I've 10+ years of commission work experience, and I've also done work for book covers, contest entries, and card games!I recently won a FFXIV Furnishing Design contest!

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  • Illustration

  • Character Design

  • Concept Art

  • Digital Painting

  • Environments

  • Rough Sketches

Program Experience:

  • Clip Studio Paint (Primary Program)

  • Photoshop CS6

  • Procreate (iPad)

All of my artwork is done currently on my iPad Pro, however I do have a Cintiq that I use for certain, much larger artworks.


A gallery of all of my artworks, from finished illustrations, to rough character design sketches, and previously finished client artworks.

Commission Info

For commission status, as well as information regarding my rates.

Commission Questions

Additional Q/A information regarding my commissions! I will update this over time.(Viewing this is NOT required before commissioning me.)


Other sites to contact/find me on!


Digital media downloads that I've created!
(WIP - Older works only currently)


A collection of my artworks, listed new to old, and featuring some of the ones I'm most proud of!
For more artwork that may be unlisted here, please see my Twitter @ Runescratch.

Personal Works

Character / Outfit Design

Contest Entries

Client Works

Commission Information

Want your character drawn? Really wanting to see a specific scene between a character, two, or a few more? Need a gift for a loved one? Or do you just really like my art style? I offer commissions! I have all of my current services listed and laid out below with examples.All prices listed below are for illustrations that will be for Personal use.For Commercial related illustrations, contact me and we can talk about it! Prices are TBD.All prices below are listed for USD currency. Currently, I am only accepting payments via PayPal.

Payment must be made in full before work will begin.
No refunds!
You may request to pay off the commission in increments that are comfortable to you. Please ask me for this option if you need it!I will not lower my prices, so please don't try to haggle me! ;v;Note: Commercial commissions are always open! For non-commercial openings, please keep an eye on my Twitter or Patreon for when I open them! Thank you!

To order, please contact me at [email protected] for email, or directly message me on my Twitter @Runescratch.
Thank you!


If you enjoy my work or wish to add a tip to your order, you will find an option to do so on the invoice from Paypal. This isn't required, but I greatly appreciate any and all tips given! Thank you so much!For other ways to tip me, you may do so on my Ko-fi!

Current Specials:

Character Outfit Gacha$100 flat price! This price will not increase or decrease. This will be a Full Body sketch of your character, with color, and light shading.Your character just hit a power-up block and gets a new outfit! What will they come out looking like? I'll decide!Send me a basic reference of your character's face, body type, and anything else I need to know about them - scars, freckles, additional details etc., and OPTIONALLY any theme you'd like me to base an outfit around! (Ex: "Give them an outfit based around the sea." "Give them an outfit based on modern living.")NOTE: This commission style will come with Minimal adjustments after the painting is finished. You're not supposed to know what to expect until I finish it- so please keep this in mind!Examples:

SPECIAL: Character Outfit Gacha Summer Edition! - 20% OFF!$80 flat due to 20% off discount.Info: The same as above, only this time, I'll design a summer outfit for your character!
In celebration of summer arriving, and Dawntrail for FFXIV being right around the corner, I want to design some summery outfits for your character to explore, hit the beach, or just relax in!
This is a LIMITED offer and sale, since it will be available only for the summer months.


Comes as a simple sketch with flat colors and light gradients/highlights to the character.
Background will come standard as a single color base with added effects, or a simplistic scene, or sky with clouds and minor details (i.e. distant mountains, trees, etc.).
If you want a specific background style, please specify! Otherwise, I will choose!

$40 - Half Body (+$30 extra per additional character)$70 - Full Body (+$30 extra per additional character)

Rough Illustration

A painting that is still rather rough and sketchy. A lot less refined than my Full Illustrations, but still has plenty of charm and color. Comes by default with a simplistic background like in the examples below.If no background is specified, or if you're unsure - I'll opt to a simple sky scene with effects that fits your character, or I'll choose one that fits the mood and comes to mind from inspiration.

$70 - Bust Portrait (+$30 extra per additional character)$130 - Half Body (+$50 extra per additional character)$180 - Full Body (+$60 extra per additional character)Please note price is subject to change depended on requested background complexity, but no more than an increase of $20.

Full Illustration

A full illustration with full detailing, shading, and cleaning. These are very large paintings, and will cover absolutely anything and everything you might want in a picture. These include the same effort that I put into book covers, card illustrations, and contest entries. As such, pricing is subject to change depending on content.Do also note: completion of these pictures will take me slightly longer than others, so if you're ordering one for a gift or need it by a certain date, let me know up front and I'll work with you on it.

Starting Prices:
$170+ - Bust Shot
$250+ - Half Body$300+ - Full BodyPrice is subject to change depending on the complexity of the piece, including character and background detail, as well as if additional characters are included.You may ask a price quote via contacting me through email, or through DM on Twitter before ordering!

Chibi Doodle

A cute new style of commission done in the classic fashion of Chibis! Very cute, small, and simplified characters with large eyes!This is a new style I'm testing, but one I've been asked about to include in the past. Please note that all armor styles and details will be simplified to match the 'cute' theme of this style.

Base Price:$60 (+$40 per additional character)This cute commission comes as a simplified, adorable character! Minimal shading, but just enough to make things stand out, as well as a simple background inside of a circle behind the character(s).
Circle color, and background theme is chosen by you. (Alternatively, I'll choose something that fits if none is specified!)

FFXIV Standee Design

A commission done in the style of the Shadowbringers standee line that was released by Square Enix / Final Fantasy XIV! I've had multiple requests for something like this, so I've added it as an option.Please note that should you decide to make an actual standee from this and not just want it as art, any edits done to sizing, colors for printing, etc. must be done by you. I'll just draw it for you!

Base Price:$200 - $250 (Depending on details/armor complexity)Commission comes as a simple flat dark background, as mimicked in the official standee art of the characters. Should you wish for it to be transparent so you can print and make the standee yourself, please let me know.

Character Design

This is a reference sheet made especially for you and your character!Comes with a front and back view of your character, OR, two-three front views of different clothing/armor sets. Allows for miscellany off to the side, such as a bust shot for face detail, scar details, a weapon, etc. Whatever your heart desires!This will have very basic to no shading, just to show off exact colors of your character and their clothing. Also comes with a one/two tone background, which you may choose the color of if you wish.

Base Price:$175+ (Price subject to change depending on armor detail/miscellany)Please be specific and detailed on what you'd like when ordering this sheet.If working from a text description, be aware I may ask you several questions about your character during sketching! Please provide as many references as possible in appropriate lighting so I can see details, thank you!

Floral Portrait

These pictures are largely experimental and allow me to run wild with artistic creativity. They include a bust shot of your character surrounded by flora and fauna of your choosing, as well as water, clouds, or other effects that I deem would fit. These make wonderful gifts, and were very easily my best selling commission type!You may pick up to a maximum of 3 flower/plant types! If you're unsure of what flower looks best, give me a color that your character likes, and I'll try to work from there. Alternatively, check my pinterest page here and choose some flowers that are to your liking.(Flower name isn't required if you have a picture I can work from!)

Base Price:$185+ (+$70 for additional character. A max of 2 characters only per picture!)Depending on the complexity of flowers chosen (i.e if your flower is complex, such as gorse), there will be a slight price increase. There will be no more than a $30 increase.

Additional Information

I will draw

  • Original characters and Fanart (any series)

  • FFXIV/WoW/etc. OC's

  • OCxCanon

  • All Genders / Pairs

  • Complex scenes

  • Animals/Monsters, Furry, Feral, Pokemon

  • Blood, Injury

  • Suggestive/Mature Themes

I won't draw

  • Offensive/Derogatory content

  • Political content

  • NFT content

I have the full right to refuse any commission without needing to give a reasoning. Should I find your request to be offensive or if it makes me uncomfortable, I won't accept it. Thank you for understanding.Should something not be listed here and you're unsure if I'll draw it or not - please ask me!**NOTE: PLEASE do not rush me or constantly ask me about your commission status! You don't need to ask me every day, I promise I'll be working as fast as I can to get everything delivered in a timely manner! **

Commission Form

Should you email me to request a commission slot when they're available, please at least include these guidelines, or some form thereof:Commission Type and Size: (what style of commission you want. Sketch? Painted? Half Body? Full Body?)Character References: (Please include pictures or a very well written description of your character(s). If there's anything noteworthy, i.e, they have a beauty mark below their left eye, their left eye is green and right eye is red, please make sure to tell me! A bit of info on their personality doesn't hurt either, so I know what expression to give them.)Special Requests: (Want your character in a specific pose? Smiling from ear to ear? Giving their lover a peck on the cheek? Just lemme know!)Paypal Address: (So I know where to send the invoice!)Social URL (Optional): (Your Twitter handle, or handle on another website so I know who to credit! If you don't have one/don't want credit, you don't need to tell me, and I will upload your commission to my social media under the name 'Anonymous Commission'.)
To contact me, my email is [email protected]. Please get a hold of me there if you'd like to order, or direct message me on Twitter @Runescratch! Thank you!

Terms of Service

I reserve the right to upload commission wips and completed pictures to my websites, trello, make prints, and use them for examples in my portfolio if I choose. Unless otherwise requested, the image I create for you will be posted just like any other. All images created belong to me, but if you are the owner of the commission, you are allowed to use the image for Personal Use, such as turning it into a print for yourself, a t-shirt, etc, so long as you do not resell the image in any shape or form.ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!Please, do not ask for one! I put all of my heart and time into a commission for each and every client, so please understand that I cannot offer you a refund if you do not like the outcome, as there isn't a way to refund my time spent working on the illustration.YOU ARE NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOWED TO USE MY ARTWORK, COMMISSIONED OR NOT, FOR NFT!Under these terms, you are free to do as you please with the picture I've created for you. All I ask is that you please do not remove my signature from the artwork!

Contact Information

The best way to contact me, where I respond the quickest, is through my Twitter messages. However, if you'd rather email me, that's perfectly fine too!I also occasionally hold random, quick sketch commissions on my Ko-fi page. For details on when those are open, please keep an eye on my twitter!Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Runescratch
Support me on Patreon: @Runescratch
Gumroad Store: @Runescratch
Thank you so much for considering me for future work, or just for enjoying my artwork!


Please consider purchasing from my online store if you enjoy my artwork! Every sale helps support me! The products here are a little on the older side, but I plan to update this eventually!Supporters of my Patreon will receive everything in future packs depending on the tier they choose to subscribe to. You'll receive them much faster, too!

20 Patreon-exclusive sketches! $3These contain various subjects, mostly Original Character content with pairings, ideas, concepts, etc. A good majority of these were never posted to any of my social medias beyond sharing on my Patreon.

20 More Patreon-exclusive sketches! $3These contain various subjects, mostly Original Character content with pairings, ideas, concepts, etc. A good majority of these were never posted to any of my social medias beyond sharing on my Patreon.

Tutorial Mini-Pack! $7

In this pack is a collection of a four page tutorial, plus three other mini tutorials! These are tutorials that were exclusive to my Patreon in the $5 tier, so please consider subscribing to me @ Runescratch if these interest you!The tutorials in this pack contain
* 4 Pages of Tips On Drawing Rabbit / Viera / Humanoid Rabbit, etc. Ears
* Single Page tips on Shading Skin* Single Page tips on Shading Armor* Single Page showing of how I do my art process

Lineart + Hi-Res images for coloring! $5You'll get 5 pages of some of my finished works, broken down to just the lineart/sketch layer that you can then color yourself for practice, fun, or just because you're bored. Feel free to print these out if you'd like!This pack also includes a hi-res image of the painted illustration, by me, that you can use as reference to paint along to if you choose.Includes:* 5 PSD files of just lineart, mostly my Original Character designs.* 5 Hi-Res images of the finished product that you can use for reference, or just to appreciate.* You may color these for practice, fun, or just because you're bored.* You may NOT upload the drawing and claim that you drew it! Please only use these for practice.* However, if you upload them and give me credit @Runescratch, that's perfectly fine!

Commission Q / A

Never commissioned an artist before, or just have a few extra questions that my form doesn't cover? I'll list some extra tidbits here!

Q:Do you allow payments to be made over time, or does it have to be full up front?

All payments must be completed in full before work is to begin! However, yes, I do indeed allow payments to be made over time. Please request this up front if it's something you need, as I need to enable it when sending the invoice.Please remember, once payments begin, I Will NOT offer refunds! Should you be unable to pay in full once you've already begun payments, I will offer you a new commission for the value of what you have already paid in the invoice. I want to make sure you get something out of it, at least, should it come to this! Things happen, and I understand.

Q:What sort of picture references should I prepare for you? How much detail do you need?

Please make sure, if providing character screenshots/art references, that they are well-lit and I'm able to easily see the details on the armor/clothing/etc.. I cannot stress how frustrating it is to be asked for a change later that I simply couldn't see during the working phase due to poor reference!For examples, the one on the left here is a Decent reference, but it's still a little too dark, and the angle is poor, so I can't see full details. The one on the right is brighter, better, and allows me to see details perfectly! It's also angled better!

Keep in mind that what I am able to see is what will be on the final product, and I'll do my best at guess work if I can't see much. ;u ; Please don't tell me to do my own research on the items you're requesting, though! I really don't have time for that!!TL;DR: A simple, well-lit turnaround will be great, but I will do my best to work with anything you have. Please include full body shots and optional zoomed-in detail shots. Thank you! <3

Q:What about written references? What do you need for that?

Any specific details you want to include would be great!
General things I need are: Hair, Skin, Clothing, Eye color. Hair length. Race.
If they have a tail or any sort of animal features: please explain what they look like and how long the tail is!
A short blurb on personality would be fantastic, too.
Any sort of magical powers? Weapons?
Scars? Freckles? Painted nails? Prosthetics?
Mostly, just general things! Think of yourself as designing a DnD character and handing over the short entry blurb about them when they're first created, so your friends know what they look like. ^^ I can also cobble together outfits from a pinterest reference board, or anything of the sort - I'm good to work with anything you provide!

Q:I've never done this before. Is it okay if I ask you questions upfront? I'm nervous!

Of course you can!! I'm here to help. :D I've been doing this for over 10 years now, so I've dealt with all types of people, and I try to be as helpful as I can for those just setting foot into the commissioning scene!!
You're free to message me questions anytime you like, please do so on my Twitter @Runescratch!

Q:Why do you sometimes open up commissions before your last batch is completed? Are you still working on mine? Did you forget about me?

I absolutely did NOT forget about you!
Please understand that since this is my job, I need money for food, bills, and general living. While I work as fast as I can through my list, I need to make Sure I open commissions every 1-2 months so I can, well, essentially, keep living, even if not all commissions are completed during that time frame. :')
I am SO sorry if this causes anyone anxiety. Please don't worry!! I just take on a lot of work at once because I like having a full list!

Q:Do you do rush orders? Can I request a commission to be done within a week / a few days?

Yes. However, please understand that because this would put you at the top of the line, and also would require my full attention to get it done in such a short time frame, there will be an extra fee!
Extra fees for rush orders can range anywhere from $30-$100 depending on the commission type.

Q:Do you offer a Trello or anything I can watch the commission progress on?

I used to, but I no longer do. Due to some people that were equating it to stalking my art progress and making me largely uncomfortable with the way they were treating it, I chose to opt out of using such things to track progression. I apologize, but I hope you understand.
If you would like any updates on the status of your commission, don't hesitate to message me! Just please give me some breathing room, and don't ask me too frequently for updates. ;u;

Q:**Will you make work for an NFT project that I'm creating? **

No. Do not ask me. The answer will Always be no.

Thank you for reading! If this didn't answer a specific question you have, please feel free to ask me via email or twitter DM!!
I'll be updating this list as time goes on with more questions. Feel free to refer back to this list for anything you might need. ^^